MCP-16RC, Air Purification Tower

Compact cartridge filter with pulse cleaning

The MCP-16RC Air Purification Tower is a compact cartridge filter for decentralized indoor air purification.
Dirty air enters the unit at floor level into the efficient filtration compartment, clean air is blown back into the workplace through 60 individually adjustable nozzles at high speed on top of the unit.
The unit is delivered as two pre-wired components requiring minimal mechanical installation. With a built in fan it requires only power and compressed air supply to be connected to complete the installation.
Inside the unit are 16 patented Uni-Clean filter cartridges. The filter cartridges are cleaned automatically by an energy efficient compressed air reverse pulse system. Cleaning is activated by an integral electronic controller. The filter is made out of 14 gauge (2 mm) galvanized and painted sheet metals.

The MCP-16RC is easy to maintain thanks to the following features:
- Front access allows easy inspection and service of the cleaning valves, compressed air tank and filter cartridges.
- Ergonomic and easy maintenance of the unit, due to location of controller and electrical cabinet.
- Simple emptying of the dust bin

Outlet / Outblow: The outlet is placed on top of the filter and equipped with 60 nozzles for high speed air flows. The outlet and the nozzles are individually adjustable for local conditions.

Dual Silencer: The fan is completely build in a special dual silencer, which decreases the noise level from fan motor and airflow.

Fan: F63-R355 (10,0 kW) from Combifab F-series for 50 Hz

Filter Cartridges: CA175: flame retardant cellulose (80% cellulose, 20% polyester), suitable for fine dust and welding fumes

Inlet: The inlet is covered and placed on the rear side for low air noise. It includes a backpressure flap, which closes when the filter is shut down for dust-free cleaning.

Dust bin: Dust bins are always equipped with wheels for easy maintenance.
The following sizes are available:
- 50 l / 13 gal. with wheels
- 37 l / 10 gal. with wheels and bin balancing (required for W3)

Easy two step installation: The filter is delivered as two pre-wired components. Simply assemble the two components and connect to power and compressed air supply to complete installation.

  • 60 nozzles with 35 m (115 ft.) throw length
  • Available as W3 tested unit according to EN15012-1

Technical data
Capacity (max airflow m3/h) 10000
Certifications CE
Compressed air consumption 22 Nl/cleaning puls 66 Nl/min at 20 s interval 220 Nl/min after cleaning
Compressed air requirement Clean & dry compressed air, 4,5 bar, 24 V DC
Dustbin volume (l) 50 l with wheels or 37 with wheels and bin balancing
Filter Area (m2) 232
Filter cleaning method Pulse jet
Material Galvanised and painted sheet metal
Noise level (dB(A)) 70 (at 1 m from unit at 1,6 m height)
-20°C to 70 °C
Working pressure (kPa) Negtive pressure max 6 kPa
Frequency (Hz) 50
Number of filter elements 16
No of phases 3
Power Voltage (V) 400

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Accessories for this product 9

Shut-off valve, acc
ArtNo: 12372083

Shut-off valve, acc

Pressure switch, Acc
ArtNo: 12372142

Pressure switch, Acc

Duct piece for Ø710
ArtNo: 55999314

Duct piece for Ø710

Filter regulator
ArtNo: 55999315

Filter regulator

Level indicator for dust bin
ArtNo: 55999316

Level indicator for dust bin

Plastic bag set (5 pcs., only for dust bins with bin balancing)
ArtNo: 55999317

Plastic bag set (5 pcs., only for dust bins with bin balancing)

Lifiting device for fork lift (Outblow and Dual Silencer)
ArtNo: 55999319

Lifiting device for fork lift (Outblow and Dual Silencer)

ArtNo: 55999324


4 m connection cable set with CEE plug (pre-mounted)
ArtNo: 55999328

4 m connection cable set with CEE plug (pre-mounted)