500A EX

Vacuum cleaner for flammable liquid extraction

Industrial wet/dry vacuum cleaner 500A EX is a single container system designed for the collection of coarse particles, such as swarf and granulates as well as liquids and sludge. The vacuum container collects and holds a large volume of material. This wet/dry vacuum cleaner includes a bottom drain valve for quick and simple discharge of liquids. The filter system is a polyester filter bag.To prevent overfilling of liquids, the container is equipped with a float ball that stops the suction when the container is full. ATEX approved equipment: EX II 2 GD c IIB 60°C (T6).

  • Smooth in confined space
  • Bottom drain valve
  • ATEX approved

Technical data
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Certifications CE, EX
Dustbin volume (l) 160
Filter Area (m2) 0,59
Filter cleaning method One way filter
Compressed air requirement 3,0 Nm3/min
Filter material Polyester-Teflon
Number of filter elements 1
Type of hose PVC
Weight (kg) 102
500A EX-NE52, S200, ATEX Ex II 2GD

ArtNo: 42250000

Clarification for technical data
With wet cleaning set, gulper head and scraping tool
500A Ex - NE52,S200, ATEX Ex II 2GD

ArtNo: 42250016

Clarification for technical data
With cleaning set