Vertical systems

Exhaust extraction systems for emergency vehicles

Vertical Stack is a fully automatic exhaust extraction system for vehicles with top exhaust pipes. The vehicle either drives backwards into the parking bay or drives through. The extraction unit is designed as a rail with a funnel in one or both ends. The funnel guides a stack adaptor, mounted on the exhaust pipe, into the rail. The sliding suspension provides automatic sideway positioning of the rail.

  • Capacity – one vehicle per system.
  • Normal exit speed: up to 10 km/h, 5 mph.
  • For existing or new fire stations.
  • For back in or drive through vehicles.
  • Optional automatic start/stop device that offers: -Practical control of fan start/stop. -Safe control of air quality (source ventilation automatically starts when vehicle engine starts). -Simple programming.

Technical data
ALU 250 2,5 m rail

ArtNo: 20815064

ALU 250 5,0m rail

ArtNo: 20815164

Connection piece ALU150 kit

ArtNo: 20373413

Connection piece ALU250 kit

ArtNo: 20373414

Suspension kit

ArtNo: 20815264

Funnel ALU 150 Assy

ArtNo: 20816164

Funnel inlet/outlet kit ALU 250

ArtNo: 20815364

End connection ALU150 w hose

ArtNo: 20816264

End connection ALU 250 w hose

ArtNo: 20815464

Top connection

ArtNo: 20815564

Stack adaptor 5"

ArtNo: 20815664

Stack adaptor 6"

ArtNo: 20815764

Stack adaptor 7"

ArtNo: 20815864

Accessories for this product 3

Radio transmitter vehicle GHz
ArtNo: 20376723

Accessory MagnaSystem Transmitter vehicle. Note! Only compatible with recivers in GHz version: 20376724

Radio Receiver GHz
ArtNo: 20376724

Receiver GHz. Note: Only compatible with transmitters in GHz version: 20376723 & 20376725

Handheld radio transmitter GHz
ArtNo: 20376725

Accessory MagnaSystem Transmitter remote controlled. Note! Only compatible with recivers in GHz version: 20376724