Mobile waste fluid equipment

Mobile lube equipment to remove waste oil, liquids and greases.

Manually controlled drum trolleys and small mobile tanks are suitable for effective handling of low, medium and high-viscosity waste oils, fluids and greases.

Technical data
Drainer waste oil 65l

ArtNo: 30593150

Waste oil drainer, 90-litre tank

ArtNo: 30502250

Combi oil suction-drainer 90l

ArtNo: 30502350

Waste oil drainer 95-litre tank

ArtNo: 30599850

Combi suction-drainer 90l

ArtNo: 30502650

Floor waste oil drainer 80l

ArtNo: 30581350

Drainer waste oil for trucks

ArtNo: 30593250

Pit waste oil drainers 95l.

ArtNo: 30581450

Drainer waste oil pit mounted

ArtNo: 30593050

Waste oil drainer w. dia.pump

ArtNo: 30582950

Accessories for this product 4

Quick connector, thread 3/4" F
ArtNo: 30591150

Female quick connector with check valve, thread 3/4" F

Quick connector, thread 3/4" Male
ArtNo: 30591250

Male quick connector with check valve, thread 3/4" Male

Quick release coupling 1" complete
ArtNo: 30593750

Quick release coupling 1" complete

Antifreeze recovery kit
ArtNo: 30596850

Antifreeze recovery kit