Airflow Alarm

For monitoring of the set airflow in a duct

The Airflow Alarm monitors pressure conditions in a duct. A pressure switch connected to the control box provides the signal input.

The Airflow Alarm is connected to the fan starter and automatically starts with the fan. An Alarm is trigged (Red LED light and relay terminal) when the air pressure in the duct is outside preset limits. The LED-lights are powerful enough to have good visibility at a distance. 2 independent terminals for power supply.

Pressure switch for installation in ATEX zone 2 / 22

The Airflow Alarm consist of control box, pressure switch, hose, inline filter, cable gland and 9V battery.

Technical data
Ambient temperature range 0 - 50 C (32 F to 122 F)
Certifications CE
320 x 185 x 80 mm
Installation Indoor
Protection class IP54
Clarification for technical data Temperature range - 15 < Ta < +70 Deg. C., Input separated by double isolation
Weight (lbs) 3,3 + 0,7
Airflow alarm PS LGW3A2

ArtNo: 40780434

0.12 - 1.2 in wg
Airflow alarm PS LGW10A2

ArtNo: 40780435

0.40 - 4 in wg
Airflow alarm PS LGW50A2

ArtNo: 40780436

1.0 - 20 in wg
Airflow alarm PS LGW150A2

ArtNo: 40780437

12 - 60 in wg

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Flashlight amber 24V AC/DC 2W
ArtNo: 12374651

Flashlight amber 24V AC/DC 2W