Nederman industrial air filtration solutions for clean air in production

Industry Solutions

Welding dust and fume extraction

Welding & Thermal Cutting

Welding fume extraction for sound, safe and efficient metal fabrication and thermal cutting processes. Nederman has the right solutions for you.

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Chip management and coolant recycling


Optimize production with chip/swarf management, coolant recycling and oil mist filtration with Nederman products and solutions for metalworking.

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Composite Machining

Improve work conditions, optimize uptime and safeguard production with Nederman dust extraction solution for composite machining industries.

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Extraction and handling of wood waste in woodworking industries


Our wood dust collection systems and waste management for combustible dust combine care for the environment and employee health with improvements in production efficiency.

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Vehicle exhaust extraction systems

Vehicle Services

Nederman has cost-effective products and complete solutions for vehicle exhaust extraction and efficient supply and management of oil and liquids.

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Vehicle exhaust removal systems for fire and emergency stations

Fire and Emergency Stations

Emergency vehicles must always be ready to leave instantly. Nederman offers solutions with unmatched exhaust extraction efficiency and quick release.

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Nederman solutions for material handling and recycling

Material Handling & Recycling

Turn production waste and by-products into profitable resources with Nederman solutions for material handling and recycling.

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Engineered solutions for industrial air filtration for process industries and energy

Process Industry & Energy

Nederman MikroPul, part of the Nederman Group, specializes in clean air solutions for heavy process industries and power generation. 

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Extractions arms for laboratory and electroinc industries

Other Industries

Find out more about how our solutions can help you meet challenges within your industry, whether within marine, food processing, laboratory, or other industries

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