Nederman solutions for material handling and recycling

Material Handling and Recycling

Reclaiming and processing waste materials for increased profitability and safer environments

Nederman is one of the world’s leading experts in creating solutions for handling and recycling production waste streams. Our products and solutions for eco-efficient manufacturing contribute to improved production economics, safer work places and reduced environmental impact. Let us help you turn your material handling challenges and costs into profits. Nederman offers a complete product line and solutions for:

  • Extraction and filtration
  • ATEX certfied products for combustible materials
  • Vacuum and conveying solutions
  • Storage bins and silos
  • Wringing, compacting and briquetting

Material handling and storage

Efficient and safe handling of process and waste materials allows workers to focus on their primary business. The proper handling and storing of materials can prevent severe accidents, process shutdown and even plant closure. 

Nederman equipment and custom designed solutions will optimize your conveying and storage capabilities and help keep your employees safe. Many of our products are ATEX certified for combustible dusts to keep your facility safe from dust explosions. Nederman offers a complete product line and solutions for:

  • Pneumatic and vacuum transport systems
  • Mechanical conveyors
  • Silos
  • Cyclo separators and dust collectors
  • ATEX certfied products 
  • Ductwork

Production recycling

In many industry processes, there are often profitable opportunities to recycle and reuse process materials.  Nederman works within many segments, such as metalworking, woodworking, paper, jewelry manufacturing, and food processing to design and recommend solutions for optimizing material collection for reuse internally or selling externally. Nederman offers a complete product line and solutions for:

  • Coolant filtration
  • Metal swarf wingers, compactors and briquetters
  • Conveying systems
  • Extraction and filtration
  • ATEX cewrtfied products for combustible products