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Golden opportunities for Schalins


Schalins experienced issues with oil mist not being properly extracted from the work environment and gold dust getting caught in the duct system. The impact was an unhealthy work environment with risk for allergies, and loss of profit. To achieve a healthier workplace and reduced maintenance cost, Schalin decided to install Nederman Filtac OSF 2000 filter with trap for gold dust and powder.

Nederman articulated extraction arms

Improve air quality and energy efficiency by optimizing capture efficiency with Nederman Articulated Extraction Arms


How do you achieve safe and clean lab working environment by using articulated extraction arms? Capturing is one of Nederman’s key technologies. In collaboration with Danish Technical University in Copenhagen, Nederman published a White Paper that describes how cross-draught, hood position, hood type, operator body etc. influences the capture rate. It also gives recommendations how to optimize an extraction system for high capture efficiency and low energy use.

Minimum quantity lubrication

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) sets a new standard for process air purification in the metalworking industry


MQL is a solution that reduces the consumption of oil and water in metalworking processes, leading to considerable cost savings. As the rate of production and metalworking has risen, the use of cutting agent and lubrication known as coolant has increased. Maintaining the coolant can be very costly. MQL can be used to achieve major cost savings and decrease environmental impacts by reducing the consumption of oil and water.