500A EX

Vacuum cleaner for flammable liquid extraction

Industrial wet/dry vacuum cleaner 500A EX is a single container system designed for the collection of coarse particles, such as swarf and granulates as well as liquids and sludge. The vacuum container collects and holds a large volume of material. This wet/dry vacuum cleaner includes a bottom drain valve for quick and simple discharge of liquids. The filter system is a polyester filter bag.To prevent overfilling of liquids, the container is equipped with a float ball that stops the suction when the container is full.
ATEX approved equipment: EX II 2 GD c IIB 60°C (T6).

  • Smooth in confined space
  • Bottom drain valve
  • ATEX approved

Technical data
Application Liquid, Granulate, Swarf
Certifications CE, EX
Dustbin volume (l) 160
Filter Area (m2) 0,59
Filter cleaning method One way filter
Installation Indoor
Compressed air requirement 3,0 Nm3/min
Filter material Polyester-Teflon
Filter type Bag
Hose diameter (mm) 51
Hose length (m) 7,5
Max airflow (m3/h) 342
Max vaccum (kPa) -52
Number of filter elements 1
Noise level (dB(A)) 75,5
Type of hose PVC
Weight (kg) 102