High vacuum pipe system accessories

Ductings used for high vacuum applications.

Nederman high vacuum pipe systems are heavy duty to withstand the high airflows needed for high vacuum systems. We have ducting pieces to construct any configuration needed for your facility. The bends (elbows) are available with reinforcement for heavy materials traveling down the ductwork.

End piece 100mm

ArtNo: 40060050

End piece 160mm

ArtNo: 40060060

Dropper kit 100/63

ArtNo: 40060070

Piping accessorie D=100mm kit

ArtNo: 40060660

Piping accessorie D=63mm kit

ArtNo: 40060730

T-piece 200x200x200mm

ArtNo: 40130090

Grating spiro 100mm

ArtNo: 40130220

Grating spiro 160mm

ArtNo: 40130230

Grating spiro 200mm

ArtNo: 40130240

Junction 100-100-63mm

ArtNo: 40130600

Junction 100-100-100mm

ArtNo: 40130630

Junction 63-63-63mm

ArtNo: 40130660

Reducer 150-100mm

ArtNo: 40130700

Reducer 100-63mm

ArtNo: 40130710

Bend 150mm 90dgr

ArtNo: 40130750

Bend 63mm 90dgr

ArtNo: 40130780

Bend spiro BU 160mm 90dgr

ArtNo: 40130810

Bend spiro BU 100mm 90dgr

ArtNo: 40130820

Joint sleeve 200mm

ArtNo: 40130940

Joint sleeve 150mm

ArtNo: 40130950

Joint sleeve 100mm

ArtNo: 40130960

Joint sleeve 63mm

ArtNo: 40130970

Joint sleeve 50mm

ArtNo: 40130980

Joint sleeve 76mm

ArtNo: 40130990

Bend 100mm 90dgr

ArtNo: 40131070

Bend spiro BU 200mm 90dgr

ArtNo: 40132540

Bend 75mm 90dgr

ArtNo: 40134500

Clamp 160mm black

ArtNo: 40135020

Clamp 100mm Fe/Zn

ArtNo: 40135030

Coupling pipe 152mm

ArtNo: 40139360

Coupling pipe 102mm

ArtNo: 40139370

Coupling pipe 203mm

ArtNo: 40139400

SOV 50 Shut off valve

ArtNo: 40140030

SOV 40 Shut off valve

ArtNo: 40142510

Console G800-600

ArtNo: 40170050

Console G800-750

ArtNo: 40170090

Clip 63mm f pipe

ArtNo: 40170170

Clip 100mm f pipe

ArtNo: 40170190

Clip 150mm f pipe

ArtNo: 40170210

Nut M8 universal

ArtNo: 40170260

Eye socket M8

ArtNo: 40170310

Clip 250mm f pipe

ArtNo: 40170390

Clip 315mm f pipe

ArtNo: 40170400

Clip 350mm for pipe

ArtNo: 40170410

Clip 400mm f pipe

ArtNo: 40170420

Bend segm. 90°,Ø=400mm Q,R=1,5*Ø

ArtNo: 40375496

Duct galv QF L=1500 Ø=80 mm

ArtNo: 40375501

Hose Clamp d22-32mm

ArtNo: 40376019

Hose Clamp d32-44mm

ArtNo: 40376020

Hose Clamp d38-50mm

ArtNo: 40376021

Hose Clamp d50-65mm

ArtNo: 40376022

Hose Clamp d58-75mm

ArtNo: 40376023

Hose Clamp d68-85mm

ArtNo: 40376024

Hose Clamp d77-95mm

ArtNo: 40376025

Hose Clamp d87-112mm

ArtNo: 40376026

Hose Clamp d104-138mm

ArtNo: 40376027

Hose Clamp d130-165mm

ArtNo: 40376028

Hose Clamp d150-180mm

ArtNo: 40376029

Hose Clamp d175-205mm

ArtNo: 40376030

Hose Clamp d200-231mm

ArtNo: 40376031

Hose Clamp d230-250mm

ArtNo: 40376032

Hose Clamp d050-135mm

ArtNo: 40376033

Hose Clamp d060-325mm

ArtNo: 40376034

Junction BPKE-063-050

ArtNo: 40376067

Junction BPKE-076-050

ArtNo: 40376068

Junction BPKE-102-050

ArtNo: 40376069

Hose coupler metal Ø=50 mm

ArtNo: 40376070

Hose coupler metal Ø=76 mm

ArtNo: 40376071

Hose coupler metal Ø=102 mm

ArtNo: 40376072

Hose coupler metal Ø=127 mm

ArtNo: 40376073

Hose coupler metal Ø=152 mm

ArtNo: 40376074

Cut-in junction QF, 400-160

ArtNo: 40376151

Flanged pipe dia 200mm, length 0,5m

ArtNo: 40376516

Branch pipe d51-51-51

ArtNo: 43870001

Branch pipe d38-38-38

ArtNo: 43870004

Branch pipe d63-51-63

ArtNo: 43870100

Branch pipe d63-63-63

ArtNo: 43870200

Branch pipe d63-76-63

ArtNo: 43870203

Branch pipe d76-51-76

ArtNo: 43870300

Branch pipe d76-63-76

ArtNo: 43870400

Branch pipe d76-76-76

ArtNo: 43870500

Branch pipe f/ safety valve SAP

ArtNo: 43870508

Branch pipe y d51-51-51

ArtNo: 43871001

Branch pipe y d51-51-51

ArtNo: 43871002

Branch pipe y d51-38-38

ArtNo: 43871004

Branch pipe y d63-51-51

ArtNo: 43871100

Branch pipe y d63-63-63

ArtNo: 43871200

Branch pipe y d76-51-51

ArtNo: 43871300

Branch pipe y d102-51-51-51 w/quick

ArtNo: 43871303

Branch pipe y d76-63-63

ArtNo: 43871400

Branch pipe y d76-76-76

ArtNo: 43871500

Hose connector d38

ArtNo: 43880001

Hose connector d50

ArtNo: 43880050

Hose connector d63

ArtNo: 43880100

Hose connect conical d76

ArtNo: 43880150

Hose connector d102

ArtNo: 43880151

Hose red conical d51-38

ArtNo: 43880200

Hose reducer d51-32

ArtNo: 43880201

Hose red conical d63-51

ArtNo: 43880250

Hose reducer d63-51

ArtNo: 43880251

Reduction d63-38

ArtNo: 43880255

Hose red conical d63-51 wo/quick co

ArtNo: 43880256

Reducer d63-32 A4

ArtNo: 43880258

Red conical d76-51

ArtNo: 43880300

Hose red conical d76-51 wo/1020033

ArtNo: 43880302

Hose red conical d76-63

ArtNo: 43880350

Hose reducer d102-76

ArtNo: 43880400

Suct inl/out d63 f/0210001

ArtNo: 43881001

Suct inl/out d76 0210002/3

ArtNo: 43881050

Suct inl/out d102 0210004

ArtNo: 43881100

Suct inl d152 flange DN150

ArtNo: 43882001

Suction inl d152 m/siloflange 40332

ArtNo: 43882002

Suct inl d127 flange DN150

ArtNo: 43882050

Suct inl d127 flange DN150 Nederman

ArtNo: 43882053

Suct inl d102 flange DN150

ArtNo: 43882100

Suct inl d76 flange DN65

ArtNo: 43882150

Suct inl d63 flange DN65

ArtNo: 43882200

Suct inl d102 flange DN100

ArtNo: 43882202

Suct inl d76 flange DN100

ArtNo: 43882300

Suction inl 3" BSP w/flange DN100

ArtNo: 43882301

Suct inl d63 w/flange DN100

ArtNo: 43882350

Suct inl d76 w/flange DN80

ArtNo: 43882400

Inlet d51 w/flange DN80

ArtNo: 43882402

Suct inl d63 w/flange DN80

ArtNo: 43882404

Inlet d51 w/flange DN80

ArtNo: 43882405

Suction bend d76 w/flange DN80

ArtNo: 43882408

Steel pipe d51 l6000

ArtNo: 43883001

Joint sleeve d76

ArtNo: 43884461

Joint sleeve d95/76

ArtNo: 43884462

Quick-coupl fem d51

ArtNo: 43885001

Quick-coupling female d51 steellid

ArtNo: 43885003

Quick-coupl fem d51 w/switch

ArtNo: 43885050

Quick-coupl male d76-51

ArtNo: 43885100

Quick-coupl male d76-63

ArtNo: 43885200

Quick-coupl male d76-76

ArtNo: 43885250

Quick-coupl fem d76

ArtNo: 43885300

Quick-coupl fem d76 w/endswitch

ArtNo: 43885350

Pipe bend d51 stainless steel

ArtNo: 43999063

Inlet 3" welded to plate

ArtNo: 43999097

Pipe bend d51/63 A4

ArtNo: 43999664

Accessories for this product 8

Nipple spiro NPU 100mm
ArtNo: 40132900

Nipple spiro NPU 100mm

Sleeve 200
ArtNo: 40134490

Sleeve 200

Silencer LT100 discharge
ArtNo: 40139081

Silencer LT100 discharge

Silencer LT200
ArtNo: 40139100

Silencer LT200

Piping accessorie D=150mm kit
ArtNo: 40060661

Piping accessorie D=150mm kit

Suspension fork w valve
ArtNo: 40617570

Suspension fork w valve

Compressed air switch, 3 bar
ArtNo: 40620370

Compressed air switch, 3 bar

Rubber Ring 8mm Thk 180mm Dia Duct
ArtNo: 40376293

Rubber Ring 8mm Thk 180mm Dia For Slip Duct