On tool extraction kit

Dust extraction at source is the most effective method to capture dust when grinding, sanding and cutting.

Nederman attachment kits for hand-held tools, remove dust very efficiently during grinding, sanding and cutting. These operations create large amounts of dust. Airborne dust and fine particles can be hazardous to the human health and should be extracted at source before it reaches the breathing zone. The operator should always be protected from inhaling dust. On-tool extraction provides effective extraction and also ensures excellent freedom of movement and operator flexibility. Nederman attachment kits can be attached to both electric and pneumatic tools.

  • Any dust created is captured at source
  • High visibility while working
  • Simplifies keeping your workplace clean
  • Extensive range for all kinds of tools

Att kit Milwaukee AG 16-125XE

ArtNo: 40403260

Att kit welding pistol

ArtNo: 40403330

Att kit AC GTG 40 S060

ArtNo: 40409010

Att kit AC GTG 40 S060

ArtNo: 40409011

Att kit Pferd PVS5/160DH

ArtNo: 40409110

Att kit Bahco SK 1 60B

ArtNo: 40409120

Att kit AC GTG 40 S060

ArtNo: 85409011