Handmondstuk Ø 40 mm

Handmondstukken voor hoogvacuüm stofzuigsysteem

Nederman has the right cleaning equipment for your own requirements

Keeping the work space clean is not only an investment ina better working environment, it also prevents unexpectedstoppages of machines that may be caused by a dirty working environment.

Nederman offers equipment and accessories for cleaning a wide variety of different surfaces including floors, benches and machines, and it is easy to change between different equipment and accessories.

Floor cleaning equipment is offered in three sizes: 38 mm, 51 mm and 63 mm. The dimension refers to the inside diameter of the hose being used.

The 38 mm cleaning unit is flexible and easy to handle. It ismainly used for light cleaning of fine dust.

  • Can be used on many different types of surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of accessories

Technische gegevens
Installatie Binnen
Handborste NEB M40

ArtNo: 40190020

Borste hygien M40

ArtNo: 40190030

Handborste rund 70 mm ansl.40

ArtNo: 40193080

Fogmunstycke Plast 45x10 dia 40

ArtNo: 40193090

Fogmunstycke metall 55x15 ansl.40

ArtNo: 40193620

Skrårör Plast 32-38 L=230 Ansl.40

ArtNo: 40193130

Munstycke koniskt 20-32 L=230 ansl.40

ArtNo: 40193110

Borste 200 mm rör ansl.40

ArtNo: 40195920

Borste 100 mm rör ansl.40

ArtNo: 40195930

Spaltmunstycke tandad, 135x40 dia 40

ArtNo: 40193660

Spaltmunstycke 100x15 mm d 40

ArtNo: 40193600

Konisk munstycke 10-25 dia 40

ArtNo: 40193570

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Brush round for 40193080
ArtNo: 40195250

Brush round for 193080