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Tank stripping

Collecting liquid residue in ship tanks in a safe and efficient way

When emptying and cleaning ship tanks on board oil tankers and cargo ships, the main pump is not able to pick up the last residues 50– 60 liters (11– 13 gal).

Without any additional equipment the tank needs to be cleaned out manually, which is a time consuming and hazardous task, especially when dealing with flammable liquids and gases. To deal with this in a safe and efficient manner, a tank stripping unit can be installed.

Our vacuum cleaning systems are used onboard tankers and product carriers for heavy duty tank stripping operations and collection of liquids over long lifting heights and horizontal lengths. The Vacuum systems are ATEX-certified by well known testing and approval organizations.

Tank Stripping Unit

  • Pick up the last residues
  • Reduce manual cleaning
  • ATEX approved

Nederman tank stripping 950A ATEX approved vacuum cleaning system

Safe and efficient cleaning and stripping of ship tanks

Tank cleaning and stripping units

The Nederman heavy duty tank stripping vacuum units are used onboard tankers and product carriers for tank stripping operations. The compressed air powered units can collect liquids over long lifting heights and horizontal lengths. Special care has been taken to eliminate explosion hazards, and the units are EX-certified by well known testing and approval organizations. All parts of the various models are made of antistatic/conductive materials.

Nederman supply small flexible and easily portable units, as well as stationary central installations for cleaning of cargo tanks. The units are located on deck and extract vertically from sumps in the tank bottom, either through special installed stainless pipes installed by the cargo pump manufacturer, or through special conductive suction hoses and suction tools supplied with the vacuum units. The collected residues can be pumped or flushed into slop tanks or other reservoirs.

Nederman tank stripping ejector

The Nederman ejector cleaner is so powerful that, even stationed on the catwalk, liquids can be easily captured from up to 30 m (98 ft). The suction hose is coupled to the stripping line on deck and the ejector cleaner will do the job. The Nederman ejector cleaners have no moving parts which results in a maintenance free, long lasting, easy to use product. Next to that, they can be easily adjusted to be used in surroundings that have potential for explosions.

The Nederman heavy duty industrial vacuum units are mobile or fixed, and can be powered by air or electricity to meet specific requirements on-board.

Illustration of tank stripping application

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