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Hot Gases

Filtration of hot gas from incineration of waste material and recovery of heat to save energy

Extraction of hot gas, cool gas and hazardous gas is harmful to people and the environment. Nederman has a wide range of products and solutions for handling many types of hazardous and/or hot gas. Hot process gases are often generated in combustion processes or in the processing of melted metals, especially in melting of ferrous, nonferrous and aluminum. Before the hot gas can be filtered it has to be cooled down in coolers / heat exchangers. The heat can be recycled to save energy. Nederman hot gas solutions are applicable for industries and processes including:

  • Foundries
  • Smelters
  • Biomass power plants
  • Incineration processes
ATEX approved extraction

Nederman also has solutions for extracting potentially explosive gases, occurring in a wide variety of workplaces where flammable gases or fumes are derived from chemicals or petroleum products.

Products that solve: Hot Gases