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Production recycling

Recycling coolants and blasting media saves money and resources

Coolants are vital to machining operations in the metal working industry. Replacing and disposing dirty coolants is both costly and time-consuming. Nederman has solutions for cleaning and recycling coolants while also taking care of metal swarf and other waste material from production.

  • Lowers your cost for buying expensive coolants.
  • Metal swarf and other production waste material that is free from oil and chemicals have higher value when recycled.

Blasting media is expensive, takes time to replace and contaminates the surrounding environment if it is not recycled.

  • Lowers your cost for buying expensive blasting media
  • Protects the environment

Glass beads, Steel grit and Korund Blasting media

Blasting media is expensive to buy and even more expensive to destruct. Means to minimize the usage of blasting media are therefore important to consider. Another of the main challenges in any blasting operation is to avoid the blasting media to contaminate the surrounding work environment, so the work pieces need to be moved to and from the blasting room, or encapsulated, leading to increased operating costs.


Cutting oil and coolants create oil mist in the facilities Coolants and cutting fluids

Dirty coolants polluted by leaked oil, are broken down by bacteria, lose their original properties and start smelling. There are high costs involved in changing coolant, operational stoppages, removal and disposal. The cost of oils and cutting compounds requires planning for recycling and reusing cutting fluids and requires the use of equipment to remove tramp oils, leak oils, and solids, and possibly for bacteria control.


Foundry sand recycling Foundry sand

Foundry sand is sand that is used to make molds in the metal casting process. Nederman offers extraction and filtration solutions for the complete sand recirculation process. Including applications for silo and bin venting, sand preparation, molding line, knock out and cooling line.


Windmill manufacturing and composite processing industries

Composite machining

Composite working releases dust and fibers that are small enough to enter human lungs and can penetrate the skin causing allergic reactions. The most efficient way to minimise the risks is to extract the substances directly at the source. Nederman is the leading supplier with extensive experience of designing and installing safe and efficient systems to composite and plastic fabrication industries all over the world.

Emergency stations

Exhaust Extraction for Fire and Emergency Stations

Nederman offers the most comprehensive solutions fulfilling the latest standards and leading technologies in vehicle exhaust extraction.


Foundry solutions for dust and fume extraction

Foundry solutions for dust and fume extraction for safe, clean and efficient production in foundry industries

Machining - turning, milling and grinding industries

Metal machining

Milling, drilling and grinding generate metal chips. Our eco-efficient solutions keep machines and premises free from scraps and our oil mist filters purify the air from dangerous oil drops. With Nederman systems for swarf handling and processing, coolant recycling and oil/water separation you are ensured clean air, prolonged life of coolant, decreased costs for swarf handling and coolant, and better prices when recycling scrap material.

Vehicle Repair Shop

Vehicle Repair Shops

Nederman offers a wide range of products and systems for all types of vehicles and any kind of vehicle workshop.

Welding Fume Extraction

Welding fume extraction

Welding fume & smoke extraction and thermal cutting extraction for sound, safe and efficient welding and cutting processing industries. This protects both the welder and the other workers.

Woodworking Dust Collection Systems

Woodworking Dust Collection

Woodworking in the form of sawing, planing, sanding and other operations involves very large amounts of sawdust and sanding dust. To handle these large flows of wood waste safely and efficiently, Nederman has developed a wide range of products and systems based on filters, piping / ducting, fans, conveyors, silos and automated control systems.