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Metal swarf and chips

Profitable recovery and waste management of metal chip, swarf and turnings

Machining operations have costly by-products: metal chips, turnings and swarf. But there are ways to minimize the cost and even turn the waste into money. The Nederman way is to raise the value of the waste material and to lower the cost of the handling. The main ways of increasing the value of swarf is to minimise contamination with other metals, cutting fluids, etc and to minimize the volumes of the material in order to lower the costs of transportation and handling.

Nederman solutions for Resource Management, include:

  • Crushers
  • Wringers
  • Briquetters
  • Conveyors
  • Pneumatic transportation

CNC lathes usually produce around 40-60 per cent of turnings

Let us help you turn waste material and by-products into profit, while improving the working environment

The benefits of Resource Management

Many manufacturing companies produce more swarf and chips than actual products from their incoming material. CNC lathes usually produce around 40-60 per cent of turnings, which also contain large amounts of cutting oil or coolant. Consequently there is a lot to be gained from effective waste management of the metal by-products from machining operations.

A properly designed and sized swarf system will reclaim valuable oil, upgrade the value of metal scrap and reduce handling and hauling costs. These savings will normally pay for a complete system very rapidly. Nederman Swarf Processing solutions maximize the value of metal turnings and minimizes loss of cutting oil. A Nederman Swarf Processing system normally consists of a crusher to reduce the size of the swarf, a wringer to de-oil wet swarf and finally a briquetter to create briquettes, which have a higher value.

Our solutions can be adapted to fit your application, capacity and layout requirements.

We help metal working companies all over the world

Swarf and coolant can be untapped income for every company working in metal. We have helped many companies to uncover these treasures by designing solutions that recover and prolong the life of coolant, and decrease the handling costs of swarf while increasing its value. We also have extensive experience in solving air contamination problems created by coolants. Our solutions cover all types of workshop machinery, from conventional machines to the latest high-speed CNC equipment. We offer highly efficient filter solutions for numerous operations, including grinding, turning, machining, drilling and hobbing.
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