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Paper and board waste

Industrial processes that involve paper and board dust shake loose fine dust and ink that become airborne. These dusts can lead to severe respiratory problems for your employees over time including asthma, bronchitis, allergic reactions, conjuntivitis, and breathlessness. Places at risk include paper mills, document destruction facilities, postal services, and more.

In high enough concentrations, paper and board dust is combustible. The only way to keep dust levels down is to extract the dust from the area. Many facilities only blow the dust off of their machines causing higher concentration in the air which could lead to a dust explosion.

Nederman has years of experience handling nuisance dust. We have all the tools needed to provide complete turnkey solutions for your paper and board waste applications. We design, manufacture, and can install all components of your air pollution control solution. In addition, Nederman is an expert in the NFPA regulations and how they apply to dust collection. We can provide a system that meets NFPA codes and is ATEX certified. Keep your facility safe from a dust explosion with a Nederman turnkey solution for your paper and board application.

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