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Air, power and fluid handling

Constant wear and tear makes your equipment less effective and can even be a safety risk. Regular overhaul and replacement of worn out parts is mandatory to avoid costly downtime and irritating disturbances. Hose and cable reels delivering air, power and other media you need at your workplace. Maximize equipment uptime, safeguard health and safety and prolong equipment lifetime.

Products that solve: Air, power and fluid handling

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Hose reels

Hose reel H20 for air or water

The retractable hose reel H20 for water and air is suitable for industrial use, professional tradesmen or do-it-yourself workshops. The hose reel H20 is retractable and has a robust design in high impact composite materials.

Hose reel 883 for air, water, oil or grease

A fully plate encased and robust, medium sized retractable hose reel. A highly suitable hose reel for applications in vehicle repair and maintenance workshops.The retractable hose reel is supplied (..)

Hose reel H30 for air or water

The hose reel H30 is retractable and has an optimized spring force, ensuring that the hose retracts smoothly and evenly onto the drum. The high quality spring is pre-tensioned at the factory to suit a wide range of applications, and is well protected inside the drum cavity.

Welding hose reel 876

The ultimate welding hose reel for twin hoses, designed to handle oxygen/acetylene or oxygen/LPG supplies. This is for welding applications where safety cannot be stressed enough.

Hose reel 884 for long and heavy hoses

A heavy duty hose reel for air, water, oil, diesel and grease. Suitable for long and heavy hoses.

Stainless steel hose reel 886

This stainless steel hose reel, made entirely of stainless steel, is designed specifically for the food processing industry. It is very easy to clean thanks to rounded edges and features an easy to (..)

Hose reel 886 ex

886 EX hose reel in stainless steel is approved for use in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EC, Equipment group II, Category 2G D. Hose reel weight incl. hose: 28 - 34 kg (61-75 lb). Material recycling: 100 %