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MJB baghouse dust collector

Suitable for collection of most fine dusts including metal grinding, welding fumes and most powders

See the LBP for the new version of the MJB here

The MJB Baghouse range of reverse jet tubular bag dust collectors was developed for continuous operation in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications – the fourth generation of these tough filter units, built on over 30 years manufacturing and application experience.

Air Volume Range: 680 to 32.000 m3/hr (400 to 19,000 CFM)

Key features

  • Standard filter range from 7 to 210m2 (75 to 2,260 ft2), optional up to 315m2 (3,390 ft2)
  • Typical airflow volumes up to 30000m3/h (18,000 CFM), subject top application
  • Robust weatherproof welded steel construction with higher temperature options
  • Space saving integral fans from 0.75 to 18.5kW (1 to 25 hp)
  • Independently tested with ATEX compliant features for St1, St2 and St3 dusts
  • Integral pre-separation chamber, cross flow / down flow inlet air pattern
  • Wide range of discharge and waste handling options

Typical dust control and process applications

  • Bulk materials handling – conveying, screening, sieving, mixing, bin/silo venting
  • Blast cleaning and finishing processes
  • Bulk food and feed processes – grinding, milling, cooling, drying mixing, bagging
  • Foundry processes – metal melting, casting, fettling
  • Cutting and shaping – laser, plasma, mechanical
  • Chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical powders

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