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Flexfilter Ex

Suitable for combustible dust, welding fume, and debris

The Flexfilter EX is manufactured to withstand overpressure from a potential explosion and is equipped with an explosion relief panel. The harmful effects of an explosion are minimized by venting the overpressure and flame propagation via the relief panel to a safe area. The dust collector is fully earth bonded in all modular components. All electric equipment is EX classified for explosive dust.

Options are available for the collected dust from either a standard 70L (18 gal) collection bin complete with bin balance kit to allow the use of conductive plastic sack for ease of removal of the collected dust or fully automatic empty device with fully conductive bulk bag with earth cables for larger installations. A control filter comes as standard to allow the use of non-EX rated vacuum units.

  • Synthetic organic dust, such as plastic grinding dust, reinforced plastics and other composite materials, powder paint, cosmetics.
  • Metal dusts – Fine dust of aluminium, magnesium, titanium, chromium.
  • Organic dust from food industry, such as baking flour, soup powder, spices, sugar.
  • Pharmaceutical – Large number of powders used in pharmaceutical industries are explosive.

Explosive dust - Protect your staff and increase efficiency

A solid piece of any given material is normally safe and non explosive. However, creating a fine dust from the very same material could make it combustible; compare a solid piece of wood to wood dust! Furthermore the finer the dust particles are the more “explosive” they become!

Many industries handle materials that are or can become explosive! When a combustible material is dispersed as a fine dust and combined with air and an ignition source the potential for a dust explosion increases.

One of the hazards with explosive dust is that it settles on all surfaces within the facility. The settled dust once disturbed into the air as a result of an initial explosion, becomes the fuel for secondary explosions. An effective solution is to prevent dust from spreading around the workplace by capturing the dust at the source where it is generated, preventing it from spreading into the facility.

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