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C-Pak Heavy Industry Fume Extractor

Semi-portable filter for welding extraction, on-torch or nozzles for heavy industries

For welding extraction, on-torch or nozzles. Semiportable installations. Unit including Nederman FlexFilter cyclone for coarse separation. Manual start/stop. The units have four 100mm (4 in) diam. for the C-PAK 20-1500 and 160mm (6.3 in) diam. for the C-PAK 20-2500 vacuum inlets with connection flanges suitable for the Nederman PAK hose and coupler system. Flow restrictor and combined back flush/start-up valve is standard.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to transport
  • Low maintenance costs

C-Pak : Flexible, Transportable, Reliable

The flexible solution

C-PAK 20 transportable vacuum units are developed for work sites where fixed installations are unsuitable. The compact and heavy duty container design makes these units ideal for use in heavy industries e.g. shipyards, fabrication shops and construction sites.

Two capacities

The C-PAK 20 is available in two capacities for a maximum of 15 or 25 extraction points, in use at the same time. The actual number depends mainly on the application and the tools or nozzles used.

Dust separation

The C-PAK comes with a FlexFilter cyclone coarse dust separator as standard. For fine particle separation, an optional fine filter is available. The automatic filter cleaning ensures a long filter life and low operating costs.


Low space requirements and installation costs:
  • Compact design, cyclone/filter and fan together with control equipment built into a heavy duty container. Ready for use!
Low operating/maintenance costs:
  • Equipment totally protected inside the heavy duty container
  • Automatic filter cleaning when equipped with fine filter
  • Long filter lifetime ~6000 hours with welding fume extraction
  • Fan with permanently lubricated bearings
  • Power consumption depending on air volume
  • “Soft start” unit starts with inlet valve closed
Wide range of accessories:
  • Complete range of hose and branch couplers
  • Nozzles
  • Torches with integrated extraction
Reliable function:
  • Well dimensioned electrical motor
  • Temperatures monitored by thermal fuses
Easy to service:
  • Big service doors
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
Easy to use and transport:
  • Container suitable for transportation by crane or forklift
  • Quick connected hose system

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