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CARZ back-pressure flap valve

Designed to prevent the effect of a pressure wave and flames caused by an explosion from returning along the pipework in which it is mounted

It is effective up to a maximum declared reduced explosion pressure within the protected enclosure (typically ATEX Zone 20 internally) and acts as an isolating valve during the explosion.

The CARZ Explosion Isolation flap prevents the devastating effects of a pressure wave and flame front, from a dust explosion downstream, from traveling back along the ductwork which it is fitted. The product is manufactured according to ATEX quality assurance standards for production.

It is effective up a maximum reduced explosion pressure in the protected space (typically ATEX zone 20, internal) and acts as an isolating valve during an explosion.

In normal operating mode it is held open against gravity by the dust laden air stream flowing in the direction opposite to that of the explosion pressure wave.


  • Prevents devastating effects of a dust explosion from spreading
  • Prevents stray dust returning along the duct when dust collector is stopped
  • Available with flange or QF collar for connecting to different pipe systems
  • Suitable for transporting explosive dust of class St1

CARZ back pressure flap valve Direction of suction

Installation requirements

The balancing rod is normally on the right-hand side. 

CARZ sizes from diameter 550 upwards include an inspection door on each side. 

The distance between the CARZ and the filter / silo depends on installation type and size. 

The CARZ must be installed horizontally. 

The direction of the airflow should be noted carefully. This is indicated by an arrow on the product.

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