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High Speed Abort Gate

Divert burning materials from a dust explosion away from your facility

Nederman’s High Speed Abort Gate (HSAG) is a high speed isolation device used in pneumatic collection systems handling combustible dusts. When the risk of a fire and dust explosion is present, its main purpose is to divert the path of sparks, hot embers and burning materials out of the dust collection system to a restricted area \ safe zone.

The most common application is to locate the HSAG downstream of a dust collector recycling the cleaned air back to the facility/ workspace. In this configuration and when activated, the HSAG prevents the propagation of airborne incendiary materials from entering the workspace. The HSAG is triggered to redirect the airstream by a spark detection system installed in the upstream pipe system.

In combination with the Nederman ‘s CARZ Explosion Isolation Device, the upstream and downstream path to the workspace will be blocked. Therefore, the safety risk is greatly reduced in the case of a fire and or explosion in the dust collector and pipe system. The proper design and maintenance of the ventilation and control systems is critical to ensure these safety devices work properly.

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