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Suction hoses and couplers

Flexible hoses and smart couplers for cleaning equipment

A suction hose is normally the connection on a tool or cleaning equipment, the requirements are to have as flexible hose as possible, yet resistant to wear both from the inside and outside.

Hoses can look the same but still due to small differences in material or quality, have different functionality. Our hoses have been tested on the market for a long time and will live up to high demands on flexibility and durability in each application.

Hose Coupler System

For interconnection of vacuum hoses of most common diameters. The hose coupler system is available in a wide range to suit most hose diameters commonly used. The couplers are made from electrically conductive plastic material, and are available in two diameters of the tapered coupler section 40 and 50 mm (1.6 and 2.0 in.). The male 50 series fits directly to the KV flap valve and the automatic TAV valve. To connect the 40 series to either the 50 series or to the above mentioned valves an adapter is used. Using the couplers makes it very easy to connect/disconnect the vacuum hose simply by turning pushing or turning pulling.

  • Wide range
  • Easy to connect/disconnect
  • No built-up of static electricity

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