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SBAS automatic damper

Damper for airflow control to reduce both cost and noise

The SBAS automatic damper is a pneumatic guillotine damper for fast and air–tight closing of pipe systems or machine connections. Because the damper can be opened and closed automatically, the suction is always concentrated on the connections, extraction points or machines in operation at the time. The maximizes the force of extraction and so gives more economical operation. SBAS can be made with QF edge/single edge, raw edge – see table below, or FL flanged edge (optional).

  • The damper requires a clean and dry compressed air supply
  • Working pressure 6-8 bar (87-116 psi)
  • Connection, Ø 6/4 mm (0.24"/0.16")
  • Voltage 230V AC
  • Max. temperature 75 °C (167°F)