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Dustless blasting equipment

Portable dustless blasting equipment with superior productivity, suction power and blasting media recycling

Nederman abrasive dustless blasting equipment has superior suction power and separation efficiency. The Vacuum Blaster provides for real dustless blasting and is a real productivity booster day in and day out thanks to the design of the vacuum head along with the close circuit continuous, non-pulsing stream of the blasting abrasive. 

  • No dust or blasting abrasive flying around
  • Dustless blasting in enclosed spaces where regular blasting is not permitted
  • No need for special blasting rooms
  • The blasters are mobile, flexible and offers low start-up costs

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Blasting media used in Nederman portable blasters

Blasting media

One of the main challenges in any blasting operation is to avoid the blasting media to contaminate the surrounding work environment. Abrasive blasting needs to be carried out in an enclosure. This is most often done in a dedicated blasting room, separated from other operations. The work pieces need to be moved to and from the blasting room or encapsulated, leading to increased operating costs. Another factor increasing costs is the blasting media. Blasting media is expensive to buy and even more expensive to destruct. Means to minimize the usage of blasting media are therefore important to consider.

Recycling of blasting media

The solutions to these problems are efficient collection and recycling of blasting media. The recycling of blasting media is an easy way to reduce cost in blasting operations. When recycling blasting media, a media with longer life can be used to further improve profitability, e.g. steel based blasting media has a life expectancy of up to hundred cycles. For further information about how much you could save by recycling your blasting media, please contact Nederman. Secondly, during blasting the blasting material is grinded, resulting in finer grains. When the recycled media is mixed with new blasting material, a mix of different grain sizes is created. The resulting mix of grain sizes actually gives a more efficient blasting and a smoother finish with fewer cavities, increasing the quality of the finished work piece. Nederman offers solutions for efficient recycling of blasting media. The general function of the system is described below and is applicable to both central and mobile solutions. The blasting media is collected (1) and sent to a separator (2), which separates dust and other contaminations from the blasting media and returns the blasting media to collection tank (3), where it is mixed with new blasting media. The vacuum is created by a vacuum producer (4). The vacuum producer can be either an air powered ejector pump or an electric powered pump or fan. The ejector vacuum producer is the recommended solution and is especially suitable for ATEX environments. The pump has no moving parts and is powered by compressed air through an external air compressor. The separated dust is sent to a filter (5) and is collected in dust bins, big-bags, plastic bag or container. The collection and recycling system can also be fitted with an extra cleaning system.

Positive Health Effects of Dustless Blasting

Did you know that there are isocyanates and polyurethane in paint, coatings, adhesives, sealants, etc?

If a treated surface, e.g. painted surface, is heated up as a result of a welding or grinding operation, hazardous gases, isocyanates are released into the air. These isocyanates can be harmful to the respiratory tract. The concentrations can reach levels that are high enough to cause asthma making blasting an important precaution. All types of blasting abrasive suitable for recycling can be used.

Benefits of dustless blasting

  • Dustless blasting can be used both outdoors and in enclosed spaces where regular blasting is not permitted. 
  • No need for special blasting rooms.
  • Dust free blasting makes it possible to blast without people around you getting exposed to dust and blasting abrasive flying around.
  • The dust generated from the blasting operation is immediately and continuously extracted together with the blasting abrasive to the grit separator that separates the dust from the active blasting abrasive.
  • The unit is mobile, flexible and offers low start-up costs.
  • The vacuum unit can be operated either electrically or by compressed air.
  • With a simple maneuver the function of the Vacuum Blaster can be changed so that it can be used for collection of blasting abrasive from a smaller blasting room!
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