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Touchless exhaust extractor

Touchless Exhaust Extractor

Extracts exhaust fumes without having to touch the car

An easy to handle system for all types of cars. It consists of a basic rail system and our Touchless Extraction Unit. The Nederman Touchless Vehicle Exhuast Extractor has very high extraction efficiency. One extraction unit can serve several work bays. Extraction units are easy to move, thanks to light-weight material and ball bearing wheels. We designed this to minimize risk of damaging the cars. Two units serve cars with twin exhaust pipes.

  • Touchless – no scraping on the car
  • Universal – for all types of exhaust pipes
  • Versatile – for cars on the floor or lifted
  • Ergonomic – easy to maneuver and move between workstations
  • Safe – no equipment on the floor
  • Practical – out of the way when not in use
  • Low maintenance cost – no hoses or other parts on the floor to be damaged

Touchless extractor installation

Touchless, universal, ergonomic and economical exhaust extractor

The design of exhaust pipes varies - Nederman touchless fits them all

Today´s cars have very individual designs of the exhaust pipes. Nederman Touchless is developed for modern workshops and cars to offer optimum flexibility and ergonomics. The exhaust extraction system can be applied on all types of exhaust pipes without the need for a change of nozzles as in traditional exhaust systems. The touchless attachment of the hood to the exhaust pipe eliminates risks of scraping the vehicle. Thanks to its versatility, Nederman Touchless is an economical alternative to conventional systems with exhaust hoses and nozzles.

Conventional exhaust pipe   Single exhaust pipe  Bent exhaust pipe  Concealed exhaust pipe  Twin exhaust pipe Two pipe system 
 Conventional  Single  Bent  Concealed  Twin  Two pipe systems

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