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BenchTop Fume Extraction Arms

FX solder fume extraction arms

For extraction of solder fumes and capturing of odors when gluing, or working with solvents

The Bench Top FX fume and odor extraction arms are made of light-weight anodized aluminium sections, with two or three adjustable, plastic friction joints. For extraction of solder fumes when soldering and for capturing odors from gluing, or working with solvents. The lab extraction arm can be connected in single applications, in systems, and with or without filter. The extraction arm is easily mounted to a workbench or similar. The fume extractor can be mounted standing, hanging or attached to the wall. Flexible in all directions and simple to position. Easy to dismantle for easy cleaning.

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Solder fume and odor extraction

Odor and fume extraction arms for every application

The Nederman BenchTop arms can be used in every type of environment, ranging from assembly stations, where solder fumes are extracted, to laboratories, where protection against highly corrosive or noxious gases is vital. Three different BenchTop arm models have been developed to cover a wide spectrum of needs:

Benchtop model Original  Benchtop model ESD  Bench top model CHEM 
The ORIGINAL benchtop model is a robust and reliable all-round arm for general applications where there is little risk of electrical discharges or attack by aggressive chemicals. The arm is shown fitted with a multi-purpose transparent hood. The ESD/EX benchtop model is designed for use in electronic environments where there is a risk of electrostatic discharges. Following risk assessment, the ESD/EX can also be used for certain applications in explosive environments. The arm is made of conductive materials, eliminating the risk of static electricity and sparks. The hood is made of anodized metal. The CHEM benchtop model has profiles made of double anodized aluminium. The arm is ideal for fume extraction in aggressive environments where corrosion resistance must be assured. The arm shown here is fitted with a painted, corrosion-resistant metal hood.

Mounting alternatives for Bench Top fume and odor extraction arms

Wall mounting conenction up
Wall mounting - Connection up

Ceiling mounting - Connection up

Floor mounting - Connection down

Bench mounting - Connection down

The arm’s operational reach can be increased
by using an extension profi le. This means that one arm
can be used by a number of adjacent work stations.

Nederman range of Bench Top arms - the FX50, FX75 and FX100

These fume and odor extraction arms represent state-of-the-art technology based on Nederman’s extensive experience of creating solutions to provide safe and clean working environments. The extraction arms are made of anodized aluminium tubing with polypropene joints, offering strength and durability combined with light and easy handling. 

They are especially suitable for applications where small, flexible and easy-to-use arms are required to eliminate smoke, gases, dust and particles. For example, when soldering and gluing or handling solvents and noxious substances. Nederman BenchTop arms are designed to provide many years of trouble-free operation. 

Industrial, research and educational applications 

BenchTop arms offer perfect solutions for numerous types of workplaces. These can be found, for example, in: 

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants 
  • Electronics assembly factories 
  • Research laboratories 
  • School chemistry laboratories technical workshops

For quick installation there is a range of self-assembly kits, complete with fans and filters. For more advanced applications we can provide customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

Ceiling, wall, floor or bench mounting

The multi-purpose mounting bracket allows complete freedom when planning installation points for the arms. They can be mounted on ceilings, walls and fl oors or fi xed to worktops.

Unique manoeuvrability

The two outermost joints in the arm can rotate and swivel through 360°. This provides unequalled omni-directional fl exibility and makes it possible to position the hood exactly where required. Once correctly positioned, the hood can be locked inplace using two friction devices in the arm joints. 

Bench Top extraction - designed for optimal efficiency and low noise

Computerized simulations were used in the development of this new series of extractors to create arms with optimal air flow and particle transportation properties. The resulting highly improved airflows mean that smaller and less energy consuming fans are required. Another user benefit is the reduced noise level. Depending on the air flow, this means a reduction of about 5dB, or more, when compared with similar arms on the market.

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