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Arm with PowerBox

Electricity, compressed air and vacuum outlets anywhere you need them

The compressed air is available in three connections. Two of these are adjustable and one has none adjustable feed pressure. Suitable compressed air supply is max 10 bar. The vacuum is available in two female connections, diam. 38mm (1.5 in) with swivel function. The sliding valves offer an on/off function allowing tools and machines to be constantly connected. Nederman quick-couplers fit the vacuum connections allowing connection of hoses with diam. 19 to 63mm (.7 to 2.5 in.). The electric sockets are available in several different types. The Nederman PowerBox comes also with tool holder suitable for a max. weight of 10 kg. (22 lbs.)

The Nederman PowerBox can be ordered with or without the Nederman Extension Arm. The Nederman Extension Arm gives you the freedom to work where you want and is easily positioned anywhere in the work area. (Not sold in US and Canada)

  • Electric power
  • Compressed air x 3 outlets
  • Vacuum 2 x connections

No running around to connect hoses and cables to different outlets and connectors

No hoses or cables on the floor = less risk of personal injuries less wear and damages on hoses and cables

The tools are ergonomically and conveniently within reach on the holders and kept off the floor

Easy access to vacuum for cleaning and on-tool extraction helps to keep the workplace clean and tidy at all times. Less wear on vehicles and premises

Energy saving
Automatic vacuum valves close the vacuum supply when vacuum not is used