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Welding and grinding table

Source capture fume extraction

The welding and grinding table is available in three dimensions and designed for extraction of dust and fumes during most welding and grinding operations. It can also be used in explosive environments, if grounded accordingly. The table is not suitable for cutting. 

  • Easy to install 
  • Sturdy industrial design 
  • Flexible in terms of installation possibilities

Welding and Grinding table

This robust working table takes care of the pollutants before they reach the breathing zone. The air is extracted either in the back of the table or downwards through the grid in the table surface.

Fumes and light particles will be extracted mainly by the airflow in the back and heavier particles will fall down to the dust drawer, in the bottom of the table.

Easy to install and very flexible
The table can be connected to an external fan either in a system with other tables, with extraction arms and filters, or even as a single unit.

The external fan enables flexible extraction capacity
Recommended airflows are from 1.000 m3/h up to 4.000 m3/h (590 to 2,360 CFM), depending on table size. Calculate the air flow needed for your application.

Can also be connected to the range of Nederman filters
This product offers the flexibility of connecting from smaller the FilterBox up to the various dimensions of the modular FilterMax.

User friendly
The hinged side panels can be opened when working on long objects. The table has an ear that can be used for the ground clamp of the welding unit, or as a ground connection when working with dust that might be explosive.

Designed for indoor installations and available in 3 sizes / widths

  • Welding and Grinding Table 900
  • Welding and Grinding Table 1350
  • Welding and Grinding Table 2000

Maintenance friendly
The dust drawer can easily be emptied from the front of the table. The working area of the table can be replaced when worn out.

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