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Combifab Fans and Blowers

Fans and blowers for your dust collector

The Combifab range of highly efficient, quiet running radial fans include three dedicated impeller designs for handling clean air (R type), air containing dust and waste material (S type) and for transporting high concentrations wood dust and chips (T type). Versatile drives, including energy saving inverter drives ensure the fans are matched exactly to the required duty with minimum environmental effect.

Air Volume Range: 680 to 68.000 m3/hr (400 to 40,000 CFM)

Key features

  • High efficiencies, up to 87%
  • Wide range of airflow volumes and static pressures
  • Direct drive and belt drive options
  • Stainless or galvanized steel optional construction
  • ATEX certified Baseefa 04ATEX0103 for explosive dusts
  • Accurate control via efficient inverter drives
  • Options include in-line and enclosure silencers

Dust collector fans and blowers

Centrifugal Dust Collector Fan - Combifab Series

The Combifab Series of fans are heavy duty centrifugal fans with three different fan wheel designs and four housing and drive configurations to meet the application requirements. Nederman stocks a large inventory of fans for immediate delivery so please call to check availability. Also, we carry used inventory for those on a budget.

When it is time to replace an existing fan or install a new system, a more efficient solution for the fan design may be a direct driven configuration with a Variable Frequency Drive - VFD on the fan motor in lieu of a belt driven configuration. Belt drive fans require 2-5% more energy than a Direct Drive and VFD arrangement. Furthermore, with this type of configuration, the fan performance can be modified manually through the VFD control interface and a PID Control Loop. Autogates can be installed to minimize energy consumption.

Bladed Impellers - The Heart of the System

Clean air impeller for dust collector fan

Clean Air Impeller - Type R

The clean air impeller is a closed bladed impeller with backward curved blades. This impeller is used for transport of clean air and of air with a small quantity of fine dust, such as welding smoke, oil mists or exhaust gases.

The clean air impeller has an efficiency of up to 87%.

Chip impeller for dust collector fan

Chip Impeller - Type S

The chip impeller is a closed, partly self-cleaning bladed impeller with straight, backward oblique blades. This impeller is used for transport of grinding and polishing dust, dry sawdust and shavings, etc.

The chip impeller has an efficiency of up to 81%.

Transport impeller for dust collector fans

Transport Impeller - Type T

The transport impeller is an open, self-cleaning bladed impeller with straight, radial blades. This impeller is used for transport of shavings, chips, etc.

The transport impeller has an efficiency of up to 61%.

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