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RBU roots pump high vacuum unit

When extra suction is needed

As standard supplied with vacuum and discharge silencers, universal valve including vacuum regulator, safety valve and back flusch valve. Inlet diam. 200 mm. (8 in.) discharge at diameter 200 mm. (8 in.) Applications: cleaning, sqwarf removal, grinding, sanding, welding. Also in instlalations where extra extraction power is needed, e g heavy material or long piping system.

  • Powerful units with V-belt Root's pump
  • Different model versions
  • Equipped with acoustic enclosure
  • Used when extra extraction power is needed

Extra power when your dust collection system needs it

Extra power is required when larger and heavier pieces need to be taken care of or need to be transported through long pipelines. Nederman RBU units work uninterruptedly with strong suction and a maintained efficiency. This is the perfect vacuum source in larger systems where powerful vacuum is required to balance for large pressure drop in long pipes or hoses. Many of the Nederman RBU units can operate continuously at -45kPa / 180 in. W.G. and are the optimal vacuum source for heavy cleaning and heavy on-tool extraction. The unique quality of the RBU unit is the combination of an extraordinary suction capacity and a low noise level. This is due to successful design with a 3-lobe roots type blower fitted with unique inlet and outlet silencers, all housed in a heavy insulated acoustic enclosure.

Reliable in operation
Our RBU units are equipped with a highly efficient roots type pump with safety functions such as temperature control, safety valve, back flush valve etc. Other features contributing to reliability are gears in an oil bath and a generously dimensioned motor. Higher efficiency gives lower energy costs When vacuum is stronger than -30 kPa / 120 in. W.G., the RBU has 30-35% higher efficiency compared to centrifugal fans or side channel fans (turbo pumps). This gives effective suction at a lower cost.

The heart of the system
The RBU unit together with a dust collector and a PLC controlled starter make a very efficient vacuum system, where start and stop of the unit and filter cleaning are automatic. The system is very easy to use. It starts when the operator opens a valve for suction and stops when all valves are closed. An energy saving idling function is standard fitted. For pre-separation of fluids, metal shavings, coarse waste etc., a Nederman pre-separator will do the job.

  • Low noise level
  • Easy to service
  • Low running costs

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