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Hydrostatic clarifier for coolant filtration

Very high coolant filtration efficiency to the price and size

The Hydrostatic oil/water clarifier continuously removes solid particles from water-based cutting emulsions and oils. The coolant filter chamber is built as a wedge shape with the filter area running up the sloping edge, this makes the oil/water filter compact and space saving. 

The oil/water emulsion separator handles flow rates between 100 – 2000 lpm (26-528 gpm) and filters down to 10 micron when a fine filter media is used. The coolant filter has a very high capacity and filtration efficiency to the price and is very compact even when handling high coolant flow rates.

  • Minimum maintenance due to very few moving parts 
  • Easy disposal
  • Very high filtration efficiency to the price and size

Not sold in the US

Technical description

The cutting fluid, water based emulsion or oil, enters the top of the filter to reach the filter fabric, which lies up the sloping filter area. The coolant flows through the filter fabric, which retains the solid particles when the filter fabric becomes blocked with contamination. When the fabric becomes blocked a level sensor activates the re-wind drive which draws in a fresh length of media. A sludge scraper removes the bulk of the sludge from the fabric. When Permanent filter media is used (ELM), the media is continuously recirculated and the media is clean through flushing or/and air nozzles.

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