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HM tramp oil separator

For separating tramp oils from coolants

The Nederman Tramp Oil Separators have been designed to both effectively and economically remove harmful tramp oils resulting in both the extension of the fluid life and a reduction in the problems normally associated with tramp oil contamination. Fluids that enjoy the extension to their useful working life are oil-based, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants along with alkaline wash waters simply by the efficient removal of free floating, dispersed and loosely emulsified tramp oils from machine tool sumps or central systems and industrial washing machines. 

  • Prolongs useful life of machining and washing fluids 
  • Greatly reduces hazardous waste 
  • Operates in a wide temperature range

Tramp oil removal from oil-based, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants along with alkaline wash waters. The Tramp Oil Separator is a three compartment unit. The primary compartment accepts the feed of contaminated fluid from a sump or wash tank via a floating suction device and a pump. Free floating tramp oils, bacterial slime and some suspended solids are separated in this compartment. The outflow from this compartment passes into the secondary compartment which removes the dispersed and loosely emulsified tramp oils by passing through a coalescing media bed.

The clarified liquid then flows into the outlet compartment and over a discharge weir. Liquid flow through the separator is by gravity. A fixed liquid discharge weir controls the liquid level in the unit and separated tramp oils are automatically discharged, by gravity flow, over adjustable weirs into a suitable container. The separator is provided in either stainless steel or in mild steel.

Not sold in the US