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216E industrial dry vacuum

Electric powered high capacity dust extraction and collection

A powerful industrial vacuum cleaner for most extraction needs, for dry and hazardous materials. The filter system is enhanced with a cartridge separated by a protective plate. Filter cleaning using atmospheric pressure. The single phase multistage fan system creates high airflow for excellent material collection and transport.

  • Cyclonic pre-separation
  • Manual filter cleaning prolongs the filter's lifetime
  • High suction capacity

216E heavy duty dry vacuum applications

216E industrial dry vacuum with a floor grinding machine
Dry vacuum cleaner 216E used for building cleaning where a construction firm does rectification of concrete floors.

216E industrial vacuum cleaner connected to milling machine
216E dry vacuum connected to a grinding and milling machine to collect and transport dust.

Dry vacuum with HEPA filter cleaning

The filter cleaning process of the 216E electic powered dry vacuum is simple and efficient. The unit can be fitted with a larger container for increased capacity.

The dry vacuum cleaner has an efficient cyclonic pre-separation of the dust before the cartridge filter ensures effective dust separation to the container.

Cyclonic pre-separation manual filter cleaning prolongs the filter's lifetime. A single container system with cartridge filter for extraction and collection of dry dust.

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