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218E industrial vacuum cleaner

The perfect dry vacuum for collection of very fine non-explosive dust

218E industrial vacuum cleaner is the perfect machine for collection of very fine non-explosive dust. The dry vacuums filter and cleaning system provides a long interval between filter exchange, 2000 operational hours, which improves the productivity.

The three single phase electrically powered multi stage fan system creates a high airflow for excellent dust and fine powder extraction. The dust collector operates with independent air cooling for improved performance. The dry vacuum 218 can be electric or air powered. The dry vacuum has an efficient cyclonic pre-separation of the dust before the filter. The robust design of the dust collector makes for a safe operation in rough condition and the big wheels makes it easy to transport. The container is easy to empty plastic dust bag is available as an option.

  • Perfect for very fine dust collection
  • 2000 operational hours of filter life
  • Robust design for heavy duty applications

218E electric powered industrial vacuum can be connected to a floor grinding machine

The electrical driven 218E comes with a PTFE main filter. It has a smooth surface which makes the dust falling off easily during filter cleaning. This type of filter has a low pressure loss which allows maximum capacity of the powerful suction head. This creates a constantly high vacuum level which improves productivity. The 218E dust collection unit can be connected to a floor grinding machine for dust collection at source. Typical areas where the industrial dust extractor is useful are factories and companies which deal with large amounts of very fine dusts and powder for example;

  • Building and construction market 
  • Manufacture companies, which generates fine composite dust 
  • Applications which extract the dust at the source with Manifolds machines

Hepa filter

In addition to the main filter our Electrical 218E dry vacuum is equipped with a control filter absolute/HEPA quality, which protects the dust collector and the surroundings from polluted emissions. The filter is equipped with inner conical plate which protects the main filter from wear out which makes the machine last longer. The 76mm (3”) inlet makes it is possible to have 76mm (3”) hose from pre-separator to suction unit, which decreases the pressure drop in the hose while the capacity of extraction unit is maximized.

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