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Metal chip briquetter

Press metal chips into solid briquettes to achieve financial benefits through improved smelting and simpler waste management

The metal chip briquetter processes short, loose chips from machining of non-ferrous or ferrous metals and cast iron into cylindrical briquettes. The briquetter with closed dies are designed for ferrous metals and cast iron. It produces cylindrical briquettes, of a diameter from 60-80 mm (2.4-3.15 in) and length up to 110 mm (4.3 in). With an inlet hopper, conveyor, sorting machine and material level sensor the briquetting press operation can be fully automated.

  • Savings in factory floor-space 
  • Savings in internal and external transportation costs 
  • Savings in recycling costs 
  • Increase the waste purchase price

Not sold in the US

Technical desription of metal chip briquetter

Short metal chips are screw fed or pressed in to a chamber where the compressing takes place in a cylindrical die. There are two cylinders in the press the first are filling the chamber, and the second is compressing the chips into dense briquettes. 

The pressing method ensures high, uniform material and uniform material compaction. The briquetting press is equipped with 200 dm3 (7 f3) hopper, with a vibrator and oil cooler. 

The metal chip briquetter is perfect for briquetting of short swarf of light metals of type aluminium. The briquetter is equipped with a bunker of 1-3 m³ (35 - 106 f3) depending on requested specification. The bunker is fed by a truck, skip hoist or a conveyor. The bunker has two arms with cutters which are rotating in the bunker and feeds the swarf into an inlet channel with screw which forwards the swarf to the press chamber. The briquetter is pressing with a pressure of 83 MPa (1200 psi) and produces briquettes with a diameter of 60 mm (2.36").

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