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Drag chain conveyor

Capable of conveying on a steep incline and suited for elevation and transportation of short swarf

The drag chain conveyor is suited for elevation and transportation of short swarf, less than 5 cm long (2 in) and grinding sludge. Finely divided materials, such as short swarf, metal chips and grinding sludge, with or without coolant flow in either direction. The drag chain conveyor is also capable of conveying on a steep incline.

The drag chain conveyor may also be used when multiple discharge points are needed, for example when chips should be discharged in several different bins. Since the carry-run is on the bottom side, discharge gates are easily incorporated in the design. The return portion of the chain runs back over the top of the carrying area. Thus, any material that clings to the chain or flights is automatically recirculated and given another chance to discharge. All components are visible when the cover plate is removed which ensures easy maintenance.

  • Carry-over problems are minimized
  • Easy maintenance
  • Multiple discharge points are possible