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Hose Reel 888 and 889 Corrosion Resistant

Medium sized open hose reels

The corrosion resistant hose reels have a stainless steel stand and swivel, brass hub, and a composite material drum, which makes them suitable in humid conditions.

Thanks to the open design, the reels are very easy to service, maintain and keep clean. The reel can be installed on wall or on the ceiling. Series 889 reels are fitted with slightly larger drums and therefore are able to take longer hoses than Series 888.

The Corrosion Resistant Reel is suitable for installations in humid conditions such as carwashes, and exposed outdoor areas. All components are manufactured in highly corrosion resistant materials.

  • Easy to install and service
  • Outlet position can be adjusted through 120° for optimum pull-out and pull-in angle.
  • Spring power can easily be adjusted from the outside.
  • Ratchet easily disengaged when required