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Nederman Proven Solution for Emergency stations

Emergency stations proven solution

Explore our proven solution for Emergency Stations by clicking the areas and products in the illustration on the right.

  1. 1
    A machine
    PRS exhaust extraction system
    Pneumatic release exhaust extraction system with a 4 vehicle capacity per rail.


  2. 2
    A machine
    MagnaStack exhaust extraction system
    Nederman MagnaStack is a fully automatic exhaust extraction system. It connects automatically with the vertical exhaust stack as the vehicle is backed into the parking bay. An electro-magnet attaches the stack to the hood, and instantly releases the stack at the doorway as the vehicle exits.


  3. 3
    A machine
    Vertical stack exhaust extraction system
    Fully automatic exhaust extraction system for vehicles with top exhaust pipes.


  4. 4
    A machine
    MagnaRail exhaust extraction system
    Ideal for a drive-through application for vehicles with either high level or low level exhaust pipes. Supports up to 4 vehicles per rail.


  5. 5
    A machine
    MagnaTrack exhaust extraction system

    The MagnaTrack is the exhaust extraction system for smaller emergency stations who don't need the multiple vehicle exhaust extraction of the MagnaRail. Supports one only vehicle per track.


  6. 6
    A machine
    PTS exhaust extraction system
    Pneumatic release exhaust extraction system. Can handle 1 vehicle per track.


  7. 7
    A machine
    Retractable Hose and Cable reels
    All Nederman retractable reels are simple to operate and safe to use. Most of our reels are fitted with ball bearings in[..]


  8. 8
    A machine
    Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
    Nederman is globally recognized as the state-of-the-art manufacturer specialized in industrial vacuum cleaners for colle[..]


  9. 9
    A machine
    Hose reel H20 for air or water
    The retractable hose reel H20 for water and air is suitable for industrial use, professional tradesmen or do-it-yourself workshops. The hose reel H20 is retractable and has a robust design in high impact composite materials.


  10. 10
    A machine
    Welding fume extraction arms
    Welding fume extraction arms of fumes are one of the most effective ways to eliminate welding fumes from the welder's br[..]


  11. 11
    A machine

    Versatile, robust mobile welding fume extractor. Can be fitted with different arms and filters for your welding application needs. Comes in models Carbon, W3 and Original.


  12. 12
    A machine
    SB750 compact portable vacuum blaster
    Nederman Suction Blaster 750 is not a traditional blasting unit. It provides you with a cleaner and healthier working en[..]


Problems we solve for Emergency Stations

  • Workplace service Convenient equipment and monitoring systems for a safe and cost-efficient workplace
  • Cleaning A clean and healthy work environment is a necessity for quality production
  • Extraction and Filtration Dust and particles, Welding fumes, Exhaust fumes, Solvents Gases and odours, Explosive substances and Oil mist

Products in the illustration

  1. 1 PRS exhaust extraction system Pneumatic release rail exhaust removal system Explore
  2. 2 MagnaStack exhaust extraction system Explore
  3. 3 Vertical stack exhaust extraction system Vertical stack exhaust removal system for back in or drive through emergency vehicles Explore
  4. 4 MagnaRail exhaust extraction system Electromagnetic release Explore
  5. 5 MagnaTrack exhaust extraction system Vehicle exhaust removal system with electromagnetic release Explore
  6. 6 PTS exhaust extraction system Pneumatic release track exhaust removal system Explore
  7. 7 Retractable Hose and Cable reels Retractable hose and cable reels for industrial use, professional tradesmen or do-it-yourself workshops Explore
  8. 8 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners Explore
  9. 9 Hose reel H20 for air or water Safe and functional retractable hose reel suitable for pneumatic tools, staplers and blow guns Explore
  10. 10 Welding fume extraction arms Explore
  11. 11 FilterCart Mobile welding fume extractor Explore
  12. 12 SB750 compact portable vacuum blaster Portable dustless abrasive sandblasting for a cleaner and healthier environment Explore
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Exhaust Extraction for Fire and Emergency Stations

No one is better than Nederman at making the station sound and safe

Nederman has exhaust extraction systems to fulfill the specific needs of your fire station and suit your budget. No matter the size of your station, sizes/types of vehicles or frequency of operations.

We have the market’s widest range of products and systems, as well as extensive experience and knowledge in how to build the optimal solution.

Diesel exhaust is now classified in the same category as asbestos, arsenic, mustard gas, alcohol and tobacco. Extract these hazardous diesel fumes efficiently with Nederman vehicle exhaust extractors.

Extract Diesel Exhaust with Nederman

Diesel exhaust fumes seriously affect firefighters’ health

Diesel exhaust extraction

Diesel exhaust, found in every fire station, is produced when an engine burns diesel fuel. It is a complex mixture of thousands of gases and particles (soot) containing several toxic air contaminants. These include many known or suspected carcinogenic substances (benzene, arsenic and formaldehyde). It also contains other harmful pollutants, including nitrogen oxides. In the long term, repeated exposure is as dangerous as being subject to cigarette smoke. The exhaust spreads into the areas where firemen eat, sleep and reside. It even penetrates the clothes.

Studies have shown cancer rates among firemen are exceptionally high. Our vehicle exhaust systems can help reduce this rate.

Exhaust extraction directly from the tail pipe

These exhaust extraction systems from Nederman are designed specifically for emergency vehicles. The exhaust fumes are removed right from the tail pipe, which is the only effective way of doing it. More than 100,000 Nederman exhaust extraction systems installed in emergency stations all over the world is a proof for that!

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