Which Industries Need Dust Extraction?

The basic answer is all industries that create dust! Most of the companies that we deal with are in many different types of manufacturing industries, Textile factories, food processing, Woodwork and Car garages and workshops to name a few.

Professional workshops understand that an adequate dust extraction unit is one of the most important pieces of kit in the workshop. Removing airborne dust from the atmosphere can save all kinds of headaches later on. A dust extraction unit will save clean-up operation, help to prevent machine failures and even help to prevent explosions in the case of wood dust, as this can be combustible. Efficiently and effectively removing dust from the work area also creates a healthy work environment reducing the risk of respiratory based illnesses in employees.

Some of the people who need dust extraction the most are smaller operations or people who work from a garage at home and hope an open door will provide enough ventilation to vent the dust outside. This isn’t the case and can often be a much worse situation than bigger industries.

Insurance data on large workshop workers in the woodworking industry show that so much unhealthy dust is created that a small number of workers get poisoned or even develop cancer, with one in seven developing bad reactions and having to stop woodworking all together. Almost all woodworking operatives lose around 1% of respiratory capacity for each year of work with the average lifespan reducing by up to ten years. This can be much worse for small workshops as workers can expect be more exposed to harmful dust depending on the extraction levels.

Types of dust collectors

There are different types of dust extraction system available and the type you need will depend on your needs and operation size.

Dust Extraction Tables

This is a good option for extraction & filtering of dust from lighter processes such as sanding, de-burring, lining, ingredient weighing etc. Its simple to use with the extraction always at hand, removing dust as the process is taking place.

Mobile Extraction

A mobile dust extraction unit is a moveable unit that can be positioned in the most efficient area that you need to capture dust and fumes at the source, creating a cleaner, safer environment. These are perfect for industries that are using power tools or welding applications in different locations as the unit can be positioned in a location that is
suitable for your working environment.


Most places will have a vacuum cleaner, which is ok for collecting small particles, however, there are vacuum cleaners that are much most suitable for industrial use and can collect finer particles as well as separate materials for re-use if needed.

Whatever application you need, other safety equipment should also be used in conjunction such as a filter mask on your face to help prevent you breathing in any particles of dust still in the environment. The science and understanding of dust and fume particles in the atmosphere and the harm it can do is still being researched and more evidence is produced each year linking the effects of breathing in dust and fume particles to many different illnesses and life limiting conditions so being safe around dust and fume should be taken very seriously. For any questions about any extraction units or if you aren’t sure what you need for your workshop, give Nederman a call and speak to our friendly team of experts who will be happy to help and advise.