High Vacuum Control Panel EX

Takes your high vacuum system to next level

The HV Control Panel series optimize your high vacuum system. It controls the vacuum unit and FlexFilter with increased flexibility and visibility by the graphic color Touch Panel.
It is prepared for a large number of control and supervision functions and it is specially designed for FlexFilter EX system with venting panel, control filter and upstream Explosion isolation valve.

The safety features of the EX version of the control panel includes detection of explosion venting panels, supervised control of the TVFD EX (Twin Valve Feedout Device) and a higher number of configuration possibilities

  • Color touch panel
  • Emergency stop
  • Integrated ASC (anti surge control) for VAC.
  • Configurable for specific system needs

Technical data
Certifications CE
HV Control Panel 37kW EX

ArtNo: 40124512

HV Control Panel 55kW EX

ArtNo: 40124516

HV Control Panel 45kW EX

ArtNo: 40124514

Accessories for this product 5

Flashlight amber 24V AC/DC 2W
ArtNo: 12374651

Flashlight amber 24V AC/DC 2W

Firealarm filters compl.
ArtNo: 40116540

Firealarm filters compl. The Fire alarm is activated when the temperature exceeds +140 Deg. C. It can stop the vacuum unit if wired to the Nederman High Vacuum Starter. Can be used as a trigger warnings such as external fire alarm, If installed whitin EX zone, intrinsic safe circuit must be used. Voltage: 24V AC/DC.

AS-set microswitch P
ArtNo: 40141550

AS-set microswitch P

ArtNo: 40375269


Diff.pressure switch 3-15 kPa NC
ArtNo: 40375273

Diff.pressure switch 3-15 kPa NC