Nederman Fluid Management system (Safe record)

Liquid and oil monitoring system for improved profit and service for Vehicle Repair Shops.

The NMS lubrication monitoring system for complete fluid control accurately monitors and supplies the correct amount of oils and liquids to each vehicle without manual handling or tapping. It also informs suppliers when it is time to refill tanks. This is the end of spillage, loss and unnecessary stoppages.

  • Up to 250 delivery points
  • Complete liquid control

Fieldbus Converter EU + SafeRecord

ArtNo: 30512750

ST4 Operator Terminal + 7 I/O ch.

ArtNo: 30512850

ST4 Operator Terminal

ArtNo: 30512950

ST4, 7 I/O channels

ArtNo: 30513050

ST4, 2 I/O channels

ArtNo: 30513150

Keyswitch, manual overraid

ArtNo: 30513450

Saferecord software

ArtNo: 30510150

Saferecord pump control software

ArtNo: 30510250

Saferecord level control software

ArtNo: 30510350

Saferecord comm. TacDis

ArtNo: 30510450

Saferecord comm. Kobra

ArtNo: 30510550

Saferecord comm. Automaster

ArtNo: 30510650

Saferecord comm. Dracar+/Optima 21

ArtNo: 30510750

Saferecord comm. SMC

ArtNo: 30510850

Saferecord comm. WinAssist

ArtNo: 30510950

Saferecord comm. GDS

ArtNo: 30511050

Upgrade SafeRecord 64-bit

ArtNo: 30513750

Saferecord comm. AutoLine

ArtNo: 30511150

Accessories for this product 9

1/2" Ported solenoid valve
ArtNo: 30507150

1/2" Ported solenoid valve

Bar code reader
ArtNo: 30509150

Bar code reader

Valve unit 24V AC
ArtNo: 30509650

Valve unit 24V AC

Valve unit for wind screen fluid
ArtNo: 30509750

Valve unit for wind screen fluid

Pressure transmitter 0-5mA 4-20mA
ArtNo: 30511350

Pressure transmitter 0-5mA 4-20mA

Pressure transmitter 0-5m 4-20mA
ArtNo: 30511451

Pressure transmitter 0-5m 4-20mA

Transformer 96VA 24VAC
ArtNo: 30513250

Transformer 96VA 24VAC and can handle up to 7 valves

Transformer 220VA 24V AC/DC
ArtNo: 30513350

Transformer 220VA 24V AC/DC and can handle uo to 14 valves

Bus Expander R30
ArtNo: 30513650

Bus Expander R30