E-PAK 500 DX

Compact high vacuum unit suitable for combustible dust

E-PAK 500 DX is the ideal solution for the extraction of combustible and non-combustible materials, such as sanding and grinding dust. Also suitable for cleaning of the workplace and the shop floor. The E-PAK 500 DX is a powerful vacuum unit and can serve up to six extraction points, all in use at the same time. It minimizes the risk of explosion, maximizes your production up-time and gives significant cost savings. Power control can be obtained by fitting automatic vacuum valves to the extraction points. The valves provide suction power when an operation starts. When the work stops and all the valves have closed again, the E-PAK 500 DX unit will stop. Automatic vacuum valves offer substantial energy savings and make a small unit manage the job otherwise requiring a large unit. Using automatic valves multiplies the number of working points that can be served, by three to four times.

Low installation costs:
• Unit complete equipped with starter and control unit.
• No setting required at installation.
Low running and maintenance costs:
• Long life filters: up to 6000 hours with dust extraction.
• Efficient automatic filter cleaning method.
• Direct driven fan with lifetime-lubricated bearings.
• Automatic start/stop as option.
Wide range of applications:
• Can be used for grinding dusts, general floor cleaning and machine
Low noise level:
• Fan mounted in acoustic enclosure
Built in safety functions:
• Built in Emergency stop switch.
• Monitored control filter to detect main filter failure.
• Monitored relief panel. Vents the explosion to a safe area and stops
the unit.
ATEX Directive
E-PAK 500 DX is designed to extract combustible and noncombustible
dust, but the unit “as a whole” is not to be placed
in an area that is classified as a zone according to directive
1999/92/EC. It is only the inside of the filter that meets ATEX
E-PAK 500 DX may be used with duct systems internally
classified as zone 20, 21 or 22.
The product has no marking since there is no internal
ignition source. The inside is to be considered a simple filter/silo
and does not fall under the scope of the directive 2014/34/EC.

  • Easy to install
  • Low noise level
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Low noise level

Technical data
Application , , , ,
Certifications CE
Compressed air requirement Dry and clean (Ø6 connection)
Filter Area (m2) 3,4
Filter cleaning method Reverse air pulse
Max Airflow (m3/h) 860
Noise level (dB(A)) 67
Working pressure (kPa) 15
Frequency (Hz) 50
No of phases 3
Power (kW) 13
Weight (kg) 333
E-PAK 500 DX 230V 50Hz

ArtNo: 40051425

Filter material
Power Voltage (V)
E-Pak 500 DX 50Hz, 400V

ArtNo: 40051439

Filter material
Power Voltage (V)

Accessories for this product 10

Control filter E-Pak DX
ArtNo: 40050950

Control filter E-Pak DX

Plastic Bag 730x900 Dissipative,20p
ArtNo: 40118800

Plastic Bag 730x900 Dissipative,20p

Grating spiro 100mm
ArtNo: 40130220

Grating spiro 100mm

Bend spiro BU 100mm 90dgr
ArtNo: 40130820

Bend spiro BU 100mm 90dgr

Silencer LT100 discharge
ArtNo: 40139081

Silencer LT100 discharge

Flanged pipe d100, 1m
ArtNo: 40376521

Flanged pipe d100, 1m

Flange pipe d100, 0,5m
ArtNo: 40376522

Flange pipe d100, 0,5m

Flanged bend 90 degr. d100
ArtNo: 40376523

Flanged bend 90 degr. d100

Main filter for E-PAK DX with 16 antistatic filter socks.
ArtNo: 40376777

Main filter for E-PAK DX with 16 antistatic filter socks.

Control filter HEPA E-Pak DX
ArtNo: 40377065

Control filter HEPA E-Pak DX