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Combustible dust filtration leadership: ATEX certifying challenges and solutions


There are many different ways to design a dust collection system, but when the dust is combustible, codes and standards need to be addressed to ensure compliant, safe systems. At Nederman, we took on the challenge of certifying a key component of combustible dust systems to provide maximum flexibility in system design, so our customers can benefit from the lowest cost of ownership opportunities. This required starting with the explosion isolation flap valve, CARZ-N and finding ways to certify it for the broadest range of applications possible.

4 factors that reduce the energy costs of your local exhaust ventilation system


Equipment that captures and filters harmful emissions is often necessary in order to maintain a safe work environment. This consumes energy and for some processes, a significant amount of energy. Whether you operate a small laboratory or a large factory with extraction and filtration systems, there are many ways to reduce energy consumption, especially when the extraction devices do not need to run continuously. In this blog article, I will describe a couple of factors that can reduce the energy consumption of your local exhaust ventilation and filtration systems.

High production efficiency in composite machining with the right dust collector


Composite machining is generating a lot of combustible dust. Therefore, most workplaces in this sector need to use dust extraction and collection systems to maintain a safe working environment for the employees. By using systems that are customized, configured and optimally dimensioned for your production you can also reduce energy consumption, increase production efficiency and avoid downtime.

Solutions for fume and dust extraction in a 3D printing work environment


The popularity of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has increased greatly in the past few years. Because of this, it is important to raise awareness of the potential health hazards associated with using the technology. In this blog article, you will learn more about this as well as get an insight into how we provide Swerea IVF with fume and dust extraction solutions for their 3D printing research laboratory.