Optimize your industrial clean air solutions

The Nederman SmartFilter solutions for dust- and fume extraction bring together leading filtration technology with IoT connectivity in a way that leads to improved air quality, reduced operating costs and a safer workplace. Sensors and controls monitor critical components in order to keep the system running reliably and efficiently. Combined with subscriptions for remote monitoring, service and support, you are prepared to take control of your industrial air filtration.

The SmartFilter solutions is are customizable to perfectly fit customer specific demands with airflow up to 100 000 m3/h. The modular design allows for stand-alone solutions as well as multi-filter solutions for extended requirements. Do you have specific demands as limited floor space or low height? With a flexible design including modular construction, multiple filter medias and configurations, and wide range of options and accessories, your Nederman SmartFilter unit will be delivered with solutions for your plant’s unique needs.

From guesstimates to filtration facts with future-proof technology and support when you combine Nederman SmartFilter solutions for dust- and fume extraction with digital insights. This is Nederman´s contribution to your transition into Industry 4.0 and the smart factory concept. The systems have the same design globally for optimal maintenance and support. They have full compliance to global directives, especially important on combustible dust (ATEX/NFPA) applications. Avoid expensive downtime through preventive measures, in time.

The SmartFilter solutions is are optimized for long filter lifetime, uncomplicated maintenance, low cost of ownership and efficient protection of workers and factory.

The key elements

Smart cartridge media solution
The filtration systems with MCP- and LCP SmartFilters have new and innovative cartridge design (patent-pending). The squircle shape, an intermediate between a square and a circle, utilizes the square space within the dust collector in the most optimal way and generates more cartridge airflow per m2 - decreasing the size and footprint of the system. 

Smoother maintenance and easy to change filter with front (MCP) or top (LCP) cartridge access. In addition, front access to cartridges allows the installation to fit under obstacles as ceiling, ducting etc. You get tool-free replacement featuring quarter turn locking mechanism to properly seal the filter. The vertically positioned cartridges prevents dust building up on the filter material.

Sensors and intelligent cleaning system
Sensors monitor the performance of critical components including pressure, airflow, dust bin level, emissions and filter cleaning system performance. Different sensor packages are available based upon application and product configuration. MCP- and LCP SmartFilters include advanced cleaning functionality through the patented IntelliPULSE™ and UniClean® technology. The cleaning functionality helps to reduce energy costs and ensures long filter media lifetime.

Digital platform - IoT ready

Insight Ready

The Nederman SmartFilter solutions are Insight Ready, that is, IoT prepared and ready to connect to Nederman’s cloud-based analytics solution called Nederman Insight Analytics. The solution provide in depth knowledge of current and historical filter performance, alerts and alarms at given thresholds for quick problem solving. It is accessible both on the web and as apps for full availability and flexibility. Read more about our monitoring modules and subscription plans here; myAir.

Not sure which SmartFilter matches your needs?

Clean Air solutions with IoT 

In short - why do you need a Nederman SmartFilter?

The solutions have many functions to provide long filter lifetime and a better total cost of ownership. It empowers users to operate and maintain the filtration system more effectively improving plant productivity, worker safety, regulatory compliance and energy consumption. Get in touch with our local sales force and start the process with your custom fit solution. We are here for you.

Available for sales in EMEA.



FlexPAK fume and dust collector with Nederman Insight

FlexPAK is the leading high vacuum dust collector in the market, always with the right capacity. The unit controls dust across a wide range of applications, including welding fumes, pharmaceutical and food dust, composite and metal grinding, combustible dust, metal chips etc. It also handles heavy and general cleaning of premises, workplace and machinery.

Contact our experts if you want to know more about our dust and fume extraction solutions with IIoT connectivity.