Horizontal decanter centrifuge for coolant and metal chip separation

Effectively separates coolant from metal chips via a high speed centrifuge

In the horizontal chip centrifuge the coolant and the chips are centrifuged in a horizontally suspended drum where the coolant is separated by means of a wedge bar screen. The chip centrifuge is entirely emptied of dry chips and coolant - even after it has been switched off. With the highest existing G-force chip centrifuges on the market you get the highest separation of coolants and chips.

The centrifuge is ideally suited for installation in a continuously working swarf processing system and works without any manual service. It handles any type of swarf shorter than 30mm (1.18 in).

Not sold in the US

  • The horizontal design will mean low operation and maintenance costs
  • All the components are easily accessible
  • Cleaning of the drum will take about 5-6 minutes, compared with other centrifuges, about 3-4 hours
  • Automatic emptying of the centrifuge after each working cycle allows easy cleaning and multiple materials to be processed in batch
  • Highest separation of coolant and chips on the market

Technical data