OMF 6000

FibreDrain™ oil mist collector for continuous operation.

Nederman OMF oil mist eliminators are designed to handle large amounts of emulsion mist during continuous operation. They are developed with focus on high efficient filtration together with low maintenance cost.

Nederman OMF 6000 has as standard 3 filter-stages where the first 2 stages consists of filter cassettes with Nederman´s FibreDrain™ technology. Nederman have a wide range of different types of filters to suit many different kind of applications. The third stage consists of a HEPA filter in filter class H13 with an efficiency of 99,95% for MPPS according to EN1822. All tower built Nederman OMF units are prepared for use of pre filter. OMF 6000 have a top mounted radial fan.

  • Three filter stages, optional pre-filter
  • Gauges for reading of pressure drop over each filter stage
  • Extension legs
  • Two inlet inlet ø 400 mm with clamp ring connection

Technical data
6000 (nominal)
Sheet metal, painted both in- and outside.
Operating Temperature 60 deg C (limited by filter)
Max 4500 Pa
19,5 / 11,3
70 dB(A) @1,5 m from service side with ext. silencer
Power (kW) 11
Note Plus 2 optional filter elements. Incl extension legs.
Weight (kg) 580
OMF 6000, Inlet 2 x ø 400 mm clamp ring left or right. Drain 2 x 1" Female

ArtNo: 12400036

Accessories for this product 9

FibreDrain Filter 1 OMF; 600x600x292 mm
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FibreDrain Filter F66 OMF 1

FibreDrain Filter 2 OMF; 600x600x292 mm
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FibreDrain Filter F66 OMF 2

HEPA Filter H13; 610x610x292 mm
ArtNo: 12400012

Hepa DCM H13 610x610x292

Silencer 90° Ø 500 mm
ArtNo: 12400038

OMF/OSF Silencer 90/Ø500/1005

Optional FibreDrain Pre Filter ORF 610x610x96 mm.
ArtNo: 12400039

Pre-Filter ORF 610x610x96 G4I

Drain pump box, 50 Hz
ArtNo: 12400054

Drain pump box, 50 Hz

Drain container with piping
ArtNo: 12400764

Drain container with piping

Frequency Inverter 11 kW incl transmitter 0 - 2 kPa
ArtNo: 12400823

Frequency Inverter 11 kW incl transmitter 0 - 2 kPa

Transition NF 11 kW / Ø500 / 1005
ArtNo: 12400989

Transition NF 11kW/ Ø500/1005