115A EX

Industrial vacuum cleaner for cleaning of liquids and spillage.

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner with a single container system for suction and transportation of various liquids like oil, chemical spillage, mud, cooling liquids, and water, as well as metal chips, sand, and other granules. The industrial vacuum cleaner can fill the container ith liquids in about a minute or two and the suction equipment is made for heavy duty work. The container can be tipped for ease of emptying. ATEX approved equipment: EX 3GD c IIC 60°C (T6).

  • Float ball prevents overfilling of liquids.
  • Multi-purpose vacuum unit.
  • Tippable container with ball valve.
  • ATEX approved.

Technical data
Airflow (cfm) 120
Application Dust, Liquid, Granulate, Chip
Certifications CE, EX
Filter Area (ft2) 4
Hose Diameter (in) 2,01
Compressed air requirement 1,6 Nm3/min
Filter type Bag
Max vakuum (in. wg) -124
Number of filter elements 1
Noise level (dB(A)) 74.0
Note With cleaning set
Type of hose PE/C
Weight (lbs) 112