140A EX

ATEX approved air powered industrial vacuum cleaner for extraction of hazardous and flammable liquids.

This heavy duty stainless steel industrial vacuum cleaner is excellent for collection and recovery of hazardous and flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, acetone and other organic fluids.

The ATEX vacuum is suitable for various cleaning and liquid pick-up operations in heavy industry, tank stripping and off-shore. All parts of the vacuum cleaner are anti-static and conductive to avoid static electricity loading. Designed for stripping of cargo tanks and deep well sumps in shipping. ATEX approved equipment: EX II 2 GD c IIB 60°C (T6).

  • Liquid recovery
  • Stainless steel for rough conditions
  • ATEX approved

Technical data
Application Dust, Liquid, Granulate, Chip
Certifications CE, EX
Compressed air requirement 4,3 Nm3/min
Filter type Cartridge
Max vakuum (in. wg) -273
Number of filter elements 1
Noise level (dB(A)) 77.0
Type of hose PU EL
Weight (lbs) 132
140A EX - NE64, S50, tank stripping unit

ArtNo: 42214000